Role: Executive Producer | Head of Marketing and Audience Intelligence
For the Elliott Morgan Comedy Special we were tasked with launching Elliott’s first comedy special and announcing his transition from YouTube Host to Comedian. The campaign focused on two initiatives: 1) increase awareness for Elliott Morgan as a comedian 2) build awareness for the release of his first comedy special on Vimeo On-Demand. 
The campaign focused on social media, digital marketing and PR.  We built a custom website and custom app, sent out promotional gifting and promoted unboxing on social media, released an animated promo, ran t-shirt and poster giveaways, built a targeted email campaign and paid media strategy.  
The results of the efforts above netted out to the most watched trailer to date on Vimeo’s platform with fantastic sales of the comedy special following.
In addition to my role as Head of Marketing, I worked as the lead Producer and Creative Director for the website, photo shoot, all key art, trailer, animation, and custom app.
Producer | Creative Director
Producer | Writer | Creative Director
Viral App: White Privileged Male Name Generator
Producer | Creative Director
Results: Conversion CTR to Premature Website: 78.93%
premature themed gift boxes
Producer | Creative Director
Results: 4.73MM Total Impressions; Increase in sales by 347%
social growth
Oversaw Channel Management 
Twitter Results: Increase in Impressions by 122%, Increase in Visits by 97.7%
YouTube Results: Increased average watch time from 45% to 76%
Paid Media
Producer | Creative Director
Results: Increased CTR by 5X throughout campaign lifecycle
Producer | Creative Director
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